Culture Minister ‘very satisfied’ with what FG report says about her in connection with Maria Bailey case

Culture Minister Josepha Madigan has said she is “very satisfied” with what a Fine Gael review into the Maria Bailey case says about her.

Minister Madigan has refused to say whether she gave legal advice to Deputy Bailey regarding her decision to take a personal injuries claim after falling from a swing at a Dublin hotel.

Maria Bailey was represented by Josepha Madigan’s family law firm but has refused to say whether her Fine Gael colleague was directly involved.

The Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is refusing to publish the internal review into what happened.

However, Minister Madigan said she is happy with the report’s findings about her:

Ms Madigan said: “My own view is very straight forward about this, as a former partner of Madigan solicitors, client/solicitor confidentiality prohibits me from commenting on the Maria Bailey case.

“However, I have read the report in full, I am very satisfied with what it says pertaining to me, but it is up to the Taoiseach to as to what he decides to proceed with after this.”