How the Wizard of Oz inspired the story of A New Hope

You’ve certainly heard of the Wizard of Oz? 

Many individuals comprehend it
because the FAMOUS OLD MOVIE starring Judy Garland as Dorothy and a canine known as Toto. 

It was
in fact initially a e book that took the world by storm in 1900 when it was printed and
it grew right into a publishing empire for writer Frank L Baum.

For a e book to turn out to be a smash hit in 1900 and the years later, it should have been a reasonably magical story.

It was 39 odd years later when the Hollywood film was
launched. It was a well-liked film on the time nevertheless it got here into its personal because the
years glided by as a consequence of repeated showings on American TV and it turned a cultural
contact stone the place even 60 years later, the film was remade by Tim Burton and
Depraved is a vastly well-liked broad method musical.

And even George Lucas managed to get caught up within the magic
of the film. 

It was famous movie critic Roger Ebert who rapidly observed how Lucas had maybe drawn inspiration from the 1939 movie when he write in his 1977 evaluate of what as then nonetheless known as Star Wars:

“Star Wars” is a fairy story, a fantasy, a legend, discovering its roots in a few of our hottest fictions. The golden robotic, lion-faced area pilot, and insecure little laptop on wheels should have been recommended by the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, and the Scarecrow in “The Wizard of Oz.” 

Let’s start with Luke Skywalker. 

If we posit the equation that ‘Luke = Dorothy’, we will start to unlock a few of the parallels between the 2 characters.

  • Each Luke and Dorothy dwell with their aunt and uncle on a farm
  • They each are on the lookout for one thing extra. Luke needs to go to the Academy to fly issues and likes to stare into the Binary Sundown and ponder such issues. Dorothy states her deal when she sings Someplace over the rainbow.
  • They every have complementary farm fingers. Hunk, Zeke, and Hickory for Ouncesand C–3PO and R2-D2 respectively.
  • Every has their world flip the wrong way up. Dorothy’s is actually thrown round by a tornardo, and Luke’s by the Vader’s stormtroopers murdering his household (which was truly a call out to John Wayne’s The Searchers).

The 2 characters additionally turn out to be surrounded by acquainted companions.

  • Chewbacca steps in for the Cowardly Lion
  • C–3PO steps in for The Tin Man (and each take pleasure in some oil for his or her joints early in every movie)
  • R2-D2 steps in for Toto. Each do not converse English and one might argue that R-TWO D TWO is a play on TO TO. 

It is vitally vital to remember that the duo of R2 and C3PO have been straight inspired by characters from The Hidden Fortress, so do not assume Lucas is wholly copying from Oz.

George Lucas has beforehand stated that he took aspects of Luke’s character and made them into characters, and that that’s how he got here up with Luke’s buddies and companions. And that is just about what occur in Oz. 

An amusing parallel is that when Darth Vader kills Obi-Wan Kenobi, solely Kenobi’s robes stay as his physique has disappeared into the Power. When Dorothy by chance kills the Depraved Which of the West, solely her robes too stay after the water is thrown on her. In every case, each scenes have turn out to be very well-known movie moments.

On the finish of the day Luke and Dorothy have each had a life altering journey. the distinction being that Luke’s household remains to be useless and whereas Dorothy bested the Witch and outed the Wizard, the Empire lives on. 

I needs to be at pains to level out that Lucas has not taken level from level from the Wizard of Ouncesto jot down his script. He truly took a whole bunch of parts from books and movie and actual world points and turned them into his personal distinctive fairy story, and arguably gone that had a good larger affect on movie than Baum’s first e book did on literature. 

Certainly Lucas stated with virtually a way of annoyance in regards to the matter:

‘Oh, he simply took The Wizard of Ouncesand turned it inside out.’ However in case you take a look at these two films, they’re completely completely different concepts. I imply, you’ll be able to see sure similarities between virtually any two films. However developing with a fundamental concept and growing it and making it work could be very tough and to not be underestimated.”

So let’s give him a good due on that time.

However do not be fooled, in Return of the Jedi, Lucas did a superb homage to this scene:

Are you able to choose what that is going to be?

Recall that R2D2 and C3PO are impressed by OZ and also you get:

wizard of oz reference in return of the jedi

Like Dorothy and her new buddies went off to the Wizard’s Emerald Metropolis, C3PO and his little buddy R2 headed off to Jabba’s Palace, every occasion not likely figuring out what their fates could be.

There’s an amusing story regarding manufacturing period of The Power Awakens.

At one stage Carrie Fisher had not learn the movie’s script however was determined too. She tried to bribe costume designer Michael Kaplan to expose particulars with an opportunity to see the purple sneakers from the Wizard of Ouncesthat Fisher’s mom owned. Kaplan whereas tempted, he stored his mouth shut and by no means noticed the sneakers.

We suspect this may need been a cheeky story from Fisher as a result of Reynolds apparently bought the sneakers in 2011 properly earlier than TFA script was written!

For a extra knowledgeable consideration on OZ’s affect on Star Wars take a look at:

How the Wizard of Oz inspired the story of A New Hope