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Product Name: $381,195.06 In 90 Days On Clickbank…With NO Product!

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WARNING: Advanced
Information That Might Blow A “Newbie’s” Mind…

you see the screen shot above? This is the power of having a mailing list of people
who buy. In just a few minutes, you’ll learn how you can get a list like that
for yourself, even if you’re starting from scratch. You’ll be able to effortlessly
rack up four- and five-figure paydays on demand.

more shocking is that those results were with a list that I barely pay attention
to…and I’ve done it multiple times.

it takes is applying the simple techniques I’ll show you.
You’ll be living the “Internet lifestyle” in no time if you follow the
advice most people think is so shockingly easy that it’s too good to be true…but
didn’t you just see the proof? And that’s just the beginning…

From: Michael Rasmussen
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Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

get right to the point. You’re here because you want to learn how to build an
email list that makes you money, lots of money, and you’re not sure how to do
it. Or you know the basics but are struggling after hearing all the claims as
to how easy it was. If that sounds like you, then buckle your seat belt… You
may have just stumbled across the most important letter you ever read.

crazy? To this day I still remember reading a letter that changed my life. Now
I live the life that most only dream of and the word “Economy” does not matter
to me, no matter what word you put in front of it… GOOD or BAD.

I will tell you who I am in just a minute…

first let me tell you WHO I WAS.

see, just a few years ago I was a skeptical person. Perhaps just like you. (I
was burned more times than I can imagine by over blown promises and hyped up garbage.)

reluctantly decided to give online marketing a try.

had heard the saying, “The money is in the list”, and I was ready to start building
one of my own. I imagined myself dashing off a quick email, and then coming back
from the golf course a few hours later to discover that thousands of dollars in
sales have come in to my account. But it NEVER happened, well not until I learned
the secret… the one I stumbled upon all by myself that no one is teaching. (Not
even the “Gurus.”)

Before I figured out my
secret formula, I had heard stories of people who, just by sending out an email
or two, can generate five and six figure paydays.

since I developed the easiest way to build a profit pulling list, I can tell you
with certainty… It’s not a fantasy, and it’s well within your reach. I can show
you how to do it, but first I have to make one thing clear, and expose the biggest
list building lie ever told.

The Lie: “The
Money Is In The List”

Truth: Most
Of What You’ve Been Told About List Building Is WRONG!

Think about it… if the
money was in the list, then every person who owned an email list of opt-in subscribers
would be making big bucks, but that’s simply not the case. In fact, I know people
who have lists much bigger than mine who never come close to my results during
an affiliate promotion.

is that? The answer is simple. The money
is in your list of buyers, not freebie-seeking subscribers.
Doesn’t that just make sense? The only people on your list that are worth something
to you financially are the ones who spend money on the products and services you

How do you find those people? How
do you build a list full of eager buyers who will eagerly purchase the products
that you recommend to them? That’s what you’re about to discover.

Here’s What This Is All About…

My name is Michael Rasmussen,
and I’ve just finished putting together a video home study course called Get
More Buyers. This breakthrough course will walk you through my top
ten strategies for adding swarms of red hot buyers onto your list.

are people who will actually whip out their credit card and buy what you recommend
to them. It doesn’t matter if you’re an affiliate marketer promoting other peoples’
products, or if you’re a guru in some obscure niche market that no one has ever
heard of… these methods will build you a hyper profitable list in record time!

What Can You Do With A List Of Buyers?

Imagine being able
to send out an email, and make enough money to buy an expensive toy like a car
or a boat.

Imagine if you suddenly
had to deal with a financial emergency. You send out a simple email promotion,
and make more than enough money to cover the bills. In fact, you have plenty of
cash left over for a little fun afterwards.

the confidence and pride you’ll feel… knowing that you could pay for a vacation
for your entire family by sending out a single email.

presents to buy for the holidays? One email could easily finance your entire holiday

This is all possible when
you have a list of buyers, and that’s exactly what I’m going to teach you how
to create. And the best part? Most of those strategies won’t cost you any money
at all.

I’ve figured out ways to add buyers
to your list without spending a dime in advertising. Heck, you don’t even have
to have your own product, and you’ll still be able to get new buyers on your list
with ease (this is good news if you’re just getting started, and don’t yet have
a product to sell).

I’m going to show you how
in just a minute, but first let me answer the question that’s sitting on your
mind right now.

Why Should You Listen To Me? WhatMakes Me
Such An Expert On BuildingA List Of Rabid Buyers?

To begin with, I have built a
massive list of buyers on my own. My list is currently over 200,000 people large,
and a huge percentage of them are proven buyers who have purchased
products in my niche before (either from me or a competitor).

I regularly participate in large product launches, and those launches almost always
have affiliate promotion contests. Even though I compete against other marketers
who have been doing this for longer than I have, and who have huge lists, I outsell
them almost every time.

You see, it doesn’t
matter how many emails you send out. It matters how many people click the link
in the email and buy whatever it is you’re promoting. That’s where you find out
real fast who has a responsive list and who doesn’t.

But I’m Sure You Want Some SOLID Proof,So…

Remember that screen shot I showed
you at the top of the page? That really is my account, and it really is one I
don’t pay much attention to. Here’s some more powerful proof, though, and I’ll
tell you why in a second:

I highlighted the total for the three months
so you could see it. But I know what you’re thinking…”Great, Michael, so
it’s a screen shot. What I NEED is somebody to tell me how I can see those kinds
of numbers for myself!” Well, I hear you, and that’s why the number you just
saw should get you very excited.

The cool thing
is that money you see there is NOT from sales of my own products. All this money
came in from me promoting other people’s products as an affiliate. The reason
I’m able to make so much money by promoting other people’s stuff is because I
have a list of buyers, not just freebie-seeking subscribers.

I did…and all you have to do…is get yourself a list of people who have proven
they’ll buy.

That’s easy for me to say, though,
right? I already have that list. What about you? What if you don’t have that list

First, don’t panic. I’m not going
to leave you hanging without telling you what to do. I’m a little sick
of all the “Take Action!” junk that some marketers pass off as good advice. But
here’s some truth you desperately need to hear…

your own hyper-responsive buyer list is NOT hard. It’s not rocket science.
You don’t have to be a genius. And it can produce results you’ll find almost shocking
right now.

Want more proof? Check out these
testimonials from some of the people I’ve promoted after discovering these list
building techniques. They will attest to the power of my buyer list.

– Jimmy
D. BrownMembernaire.com

was great to have you on board to promote my new membership site, Membernaire.com.

surprised me was that your list has gotten even more responsive over time.

anyone considering your Get More Buyers course, I say, “BUY IT!”

you want results like Michael’s you need to learn from him. His system generates
sales at unbelievable levels. I’ve been around a while, and what he does shocks
even an experienced marketer like me.

to Membernaire.com. Michael promoted it for me. But so did other people, so what
makes Michael special? His results.

I offered
1,000 slots for the site. I was reasonably confident it would sell out, but Michael
just about cornered the market. He very well might have if he’d had longer to
work on it.

keep paying him, too, because that’s a residual commission. Members pay
me every month, I pay Michael. Simple, right?

has found the online marketing gold mine-a hyper-responsive list packed with eager
buyers. That’s why I always want him promoting any product I release. With results
like his, I’d be foolish not to want him on board. We both get paid very well
when he is.

That’s what makes his Get More
Buyers course so exciting. He’s filled it with his insider tricks, but he’s
also simplified it so that anybody
from a beginner to an online marketing veteran can understand what to do.

a proven pro at building lists that convert, so I know “good” when I see it. Michael’s
course fits the bill. It’s one of the best courses I’ve ever come across
when it comes to telling you how to build (and maintain) a list that makes you

Thanks again for promoting Membernaire.com,
Michael. Next time I hope I can have you on board even sooner. Maybe then you’ll
sell all the spots yourself 🙂

Here To Get More Buyers

Five Figures For Your Next Promo? Then Get This!”

Andrew FoxGuruSlayer.com

a quick note to tell you that I was dizzyingly shocked by your results for your
Guru Slayer promotion.

Are you sure
you’re not doing something illegal? I’m kidding. I know you’re not. But let me
say to anyone reading this, you absolutely
must check out Michael’s Get More Buyers course.

list-building courses are almost literally worthless. Michael’s is different.
And he’s proved it over and over again.

look out what he did for Guru Slayer…

single-handedly brought in 280 referral sales in just over 72 hours. That’s almost
four sales an hour for three straight days, even in the dead of night.

people struggling to see any profit at all online would be happy with four sales
in a week.

He’s revealing his strategies for
producing staggering results like he did for us. He’s crammed his Get More
Buyers course full of strategies he used to make a killing on the Guru
Slayer launch.

These aren’t theoretical
“might work” techniques. These are proven
“work like charm” techniques. And they’ve already worked. I’ve seen
the evidence with my own eyes…although I didn’t quite believe what I saw
at first.

Michael’s list is legendary. He crushes
his competitors in affiliate contests because his list out-pulls everybody else’s.
It’s that simple. He’s built his own powerhouse, and he’s
willing to show you how to do the same thing.

don’t know about you, but when somebody who’s succeeding like Michael is offers
to show me how to do it, step by step, I drop everything and listen up.

to see five figures from your next affiliate promotion? Want to become
a super affiliate fast, because people like me just about pound your door down
when we’re about to launch something huge?

you need what Michael is willing
to teach you.

If you don’t pick
this up, you’re ignoring the opportunity to succeed that most people would trade
a limb for.

Michael, thank you for helping
make Guru Slayer the success it is. And congratulations for creating a course
that’s not full of garbage like so many others on the market. It’s nice to be
able to recommend something without reservation.

Here To Get More Buyers

Profits? Get This Course!”

Mo LatifGoogleSnatch.com

at your Get More Buyers video course and seeing the results you generated
promoting Google Snatch 2, why on earth are you revealing YOUR ultimate strategy
away for making a TON of money!

How to turn
a freebie into a buyer?

Michael’s Get More
Buyers video course IS the answer. It tells you how to attract buyers like
flowers attract bees and some of the insider tips he gives you are priceless.

starts with how to create a marketing funnel for yourself. Don’t worry, it’s not
hard to do based on Michael’s simple step by step explanation.

be honest, that’s the not the part of the course that excited me the most. What
comes after that is enough to blow just about anybody away.

actually gives you 10 proven strategies for building your list of buyers who will
gobble everything you sell or recommend. I’m not kidding 10 complete strategies.

really couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

by strategies, I don’t mean dinky little sentences that tell you to offer an upsell.
Mike’s a pro, and he over-delivers here, like always. After he gets done telling
you the step-by-step details of each of these strategies, you’ll be ready to set
yourself up for massive profits sooner than you ever imagined you could.

definitely been at this for a while, but I have to admit that his list of 10 strategies
had a couple I hadn’t thought of before. And for the ones I knew already, he added
a couple twists that easily could jack my income up by 50% this year.

the kind of power he’s handing you, probably for a price you won’t believe.

what’s really shocking is how much power he’s giving you to make serious money.
You might know that his list is legendary for converting like crazy. That’s because
he did (and does) exactly what he shows you how to do in Get More Buyers.
His list is packed full of people who buy, and Mike’s results show it. Here’s
what I mean?

He came on board for the Google
Snatch 2 launch. He started a little late because he was so busy. Didn’t matter
to him!

you’ve got an army of buyers who respond when you tell them about something, you
can get those results yourself.

When people
ask me how to get their lists to perform, and how to grow them the smart way,
I tell them one thing: ‘Get your hands on Get More Buyers! You won’t regret

Thanks again Mike for showing me how you
did it and for helping to make Google Snatch 2 a consecutive #1 on Clickbank!

Here To Get More Buyers

Those experienced marketers know
that having a responsive buyer list is the key to long-term success. And they’ve
seen my personal buyer list in action.

seen my simple but powerful techniques rack up four sales an hour for three days
straight (that’s what I did for Andrew Fox). They’ve seen me add hundreds of members
to their membership sites, like I did for Jimmy D. Brown. And they’ve paid me
huge affiliate commissions for doing it.

strategies work like magic, but they depend on one critically important thing:
having a hyper-responsive buyer list. Without that, you can send out as many
emails as you want, and it won’t make a bit of difference.

“The REAL Power Of A Buyer List…Whether
You’re An Affiliate Marketer Or A Product Seller”

Online business isn’t really all
that much different from offline business. In both kinds of business, cash flow
is king. If you don’t have enough cash flow to keep you going, you’ll shut your
doors quick.

Your buyer list is what almost
guarantees your cash flow, assuming you use your list right (which I’ll show you
how to do). Here, I’ll prove it.

“Imagine What Having A Buyer List, Even A TINY
One, Could Mean To Your Business”

were at wits end, almost ready to give up. But you ran across Get More
Buyers and decided to apply the simple techniques. What did you have
to lose?

That was two weeks ago. You created
your own free offer using some PLR material you already had, and you’ve got a
couple partnerships with other marketers in the works, and they’re supposed to
start the promotion today, after you hit the sack for the night. It would be great
to see some good results, but you’ve had your hopes dashed before, so you’re skeptical.

you roll out of bed in the morning, you decide to check your autoresponder account
to see if the promos actually got any product buyers to sign up for your list.

at the screen, you rub your eyes in disbelief…167
new buyers added to your list in 7 hours?!

there must be some mistake,” you think to yourself. But no, there it is staring
you in the face. And there’s every possibility that the same thing will happen
today before you get home from work!

fast forward two more weeks…

promotions with other marketers (where you didn’t even sell your own product)
have added 483 proven buyers to your list. They haven’t bought directly from you
yet, but they’ve shown they’ll take out their wallets. Now it’s time to turn on
the profit machine…

After some searching,
you’ve found a great ClickBank product to promote as an affiliate. So you write
a short, enthusiastic email to your new buyer list and fire it off. As you climb
into bed, you wonder if this will actually work. Is this just another “try and
fail” exercise, or could it pay off this time?

When you let out
a yell of joy you’re sure you woke up the whole house…but you don’t care at

Now all you have to do is use similar
techniques again, and you could kiss your day job goodbye within a few short months.

This scenario is perfectly reasonable, if you apply
what I’ll teach you in Get More Buyers.

You can see that kind of real
profit almost on demand, if you have your own hungry buyer list. I’ll
show you how to get one. I’ve kept my buyer list building tactics to myself. I’ve
definitely used them to add buyers to other people’s lists, and to my own, but
I’ve never revealed them all before in one place…until now.

strategies pay off so well that lots of people simply can’t believe it when they
see the results I help them get through their affiliate contests. But you don’t
have to take my word for that. Listen to these marketers I bet you’ve heard of

Dylan LohCbkProfitMachine.com

you haven’t heard of Michael before, you’re probably new to Internet marketing.
That’s okay, but let me give you just one fact about him that you need to know.

one of the best, if not the best, super-affiliates in the world.

he promotes something, he hits a home run almost every time. He also beats all
of his competitors (or comes close) in every affiliate contest he enters. It’s

The reason is simple. He has the priceless
ability to write cash-sucking emails every single time. Each of his emails is
a guaranteed winner. I saw that first-hand when he promoted Clickbank Profit Machine
for me. He brought in 116 sales in three days.

you’re smart, you’ll ask yourself why he’s able to do that.

Michael’s list is pretty big, but he was winning affiliate contests when his list
was smaller, so the size of his list isn’t the only factor.

really important is that his list is full of buyers.

aren’t people who get an email from him and ignore it. These are people who can’t
wait to get his email. When they do, they stampede to the sales page he links
them to and they buy like there’s no tomorrow.

always suspected he had his own system for doing things, but what I didn’t know
is how easy it can be to have similar success. When he showed me his Get More
Buyers video course, I knew I was seeing the secret formula.

fact that having buyers on your list is what really counts probably isn’t news.
What’s amazing are the techniques Michael gives you for cramming your list full
of people who want to buy.

When he let me take
a look at the course, he told me it had some tips for adding buyers to a list.

he ever being modest!

The course completely
describes ten different strategies. Even folks who’ve been doing this
awhile can learn a ton from the extra tips Michael includes. I’ve never seen any
set of strategies more complete than this, certainly not at this level of detail.

don’t think this is pie in the sky stuff either. These are real strategies that
Michael uses himself. I’ve seen the proof. He used these strategies to build his
list, and they bought Clickbank Profit Machine like crazy.

more impressive, he took over the #1 Affiliate spot for the launch within a few
hours after he started his promotion.

kind of performance proves he knows what he’s talking about. And he’s willing
to tell you exactly how he does what he does. The Get More Buyers video
course lays it all out for you.

When an
industry pro offers to let you peek inside how he does things, it literally
pays to take him up on it.

So Michael, thanks
for promoting Clickbank Profit Machine, and for letting everybody see how you
win all of those affiliate contests. I highly recommend your Get More Buyers
video course, and you can quote me on that.

Here To Get More Buyers

You Breaking The Law?”

Chris XDayJobKiller.com

what I asked Michael after we saw the results of his buyer list-building techniques
on our product sales. More on that in a second…

you ever wondered how the big names of online marketing can materialize six-figure
paydays out of thin air…almost on command?

used to wonder the same thing. Then I learned that the key to success…the
golden goose…is having a list full of buyers who have
fits trying to take out their wallets fast enough.

if you want to learn how to build a list like that (instead of a commission desert
like most people lists are), there’s one person to learn from…

Rasmussen. This is a gold mine if you apply the ten killer strategies he
includes in the course.

Remember that name.
Even more importantly, do what you have to do, give up what you have to give up,
to get your hands on his Get More
Buyers course.

This is a
gold mine if you apply the ten killer strategies he includes in the course.

has been dominating affiliate contests for years, including ours, so he knows
all the tricks of the trade.

And he’s
going to reveal them all in Get More Buyers. That’s rare.

what’s even more uncommon is to find something that works as advertised, and does
it at an eye-popping level. Michael’s Get More Buyers is a superb example.

uses the techniques himself. And if his results are any indication, you absolutely
must do what he tells you to do. Just his haul from our Day Job Killer product
tells the story.

He told us he was going to
promote. We expected good things. What we saw was awesome…

kinds of numbers command attention. So we asked Michael to show us what in the
world got him those outrageous results. His answer? The techniques in his new
Get More Buyers course.

lists are packed so full of eager buyers, he
simply presses a button and robs us of 20 large. And
he’ll do the same next time.

If you want results
like that, Get More Buyers needs to be in your head.

no such thing as “overnight” success, but there’s definitely a fast version of
success that everybody wants. Michael’s
giving you the roadmap in Get More Buyers.

Michael, for showing people how to build buyer lists that produce like yours do…and
for proving you know what you’re talking about. I just have one question. Does
your list always buy on command? I bet I know the answer.

Here To Get More Buyers

Sales In Only 3 Days… How’d You Do That?”

Rob BenwellNicheAnnihilation.com

was the burning question I had in my mind after you completely destroyed everybody
else in the JV competition for Niche Annihilation. Your hyper-responsive
buyer list did it again.

And for those of you
reading this, let me define “destroyed” for you…

But here’s the part that should
send a tingle down your spine…

That’s no joke. He came into the JV competition
a week after everybody else. He’s a busy man, and he couldn’t start with everybody

Even giving them a head start, he
caught up and passed them like they were standing still. Another week
and he probably would’ve been in the top spot.

the power of a buyer list, not just a list full of subscribers who sit on idle
and do nothing.

Michael’s list is so powerful
that he can dominate JV competitions when he starts off at a disadvantage. If
that’s not powerful evidence that Michael knows how to build a hyper-responsive
list, I don’t know what is.

And I have some
great news. He’s telling all. He’s
revealing his secrets in his new Get More Buyers course. I personally
couldn’t wait for him to release this. I was thankful I got my copy early so I
could review it. It’s everything I thought it would be and more.

won’t ruin the surprise, but I will tell you that he’s giving you ten techniques
that can pack your list so full of buyers that you might have trouble counting
the money next time you send an email promoting something.

whipping up a promo and being able to buy a new car next month. Sounds crazy,
but it’s not. Not when you get results like the ones Michael can show you how
to get.

Michael’s proven he knows what he’s
talking about, and how he’ll tell you how you can duplicate his success. Opportunities
don’t get better than that. You need
to get your copy of Get More Buyers now. The sooner you
have it, the sooner you’ll see your accounts bulging.

again, Michael, thanks for showing the “little person” how to dominate a niche
by building a hyper-responsive buyer list. My only concern is that you’re making
competitors for yourself. But I’m sure people like me won’t care. We’ll gladly
split profits with as many Get More Buyers students as we can find…because
they’ll get results.

Here To Get More Buyers

To answer Chris X’s question,
no, I’m NOT breaking the law. All I’m doing is promoting products to my list of
proven buyers. That’s the key to online success.

if you have a massive list of 1,000,000 people but none of them ever buy anything,
what good is that huge list? That’s right, it’s no good at all. Even worse, it
would cost you money! Autoresponder companies are starting to charge big bucks
for big lists…and if those lists don’t pay off, you’ll be bleeding cash.

why you have to know how to attract and keep people who have proven they’re willing
to take out their wallets and buy. It almost doesn’t matter who they’ve
bought from, although people who have bought directly from you before are great
to have. What matters is that you have buyers, not just subscribers.

a buyer list is what lets you get the kind of affiliate results that makes people
say things like this about you…

You Want to Be An Elite Affiliate, You Need Get More Buyers”

Brad CallenAffiliateElite.com

again for promoting Affiliate Elite.

I have to say, I think that should be more than a product name. It’s how
I would describe where you are in the affiliate food chain. You’re right
up there at the elite top of affiliates.

was sincerely honored when you said you’d squeeze in the promotion for Affiliate

though, I don’t mind paying you that amount at all. Believe me, it’s
my pleasure.

For anybody reading this, I want
you to know, Michael is one of a very select few people that I personally approach
for any JV deal I do… and the reason is simple. The guy hits a home run everytime
he mails out for me.

What’s even better with
the Affiliate Elite promotion is that I’ll be paying him over and
over again for that 1 single promotion, because my product pays out a residual

Now Michael sends me a copy of
his new Get More Buyers course and I have to say, I’m shocked again.
Actually, I’m not really all that shocked, because it’s gotten to the point where
I expect nothing less than “awesome” from Michael.

but to be honest, I am a little surprised at how much he revealed about his own
personal business. Sorry Mike, but I’ll be stealing some of those “tips” for my

The fact that his mindset is so far
away from the scarcity mindset that so many marketers have online these days is
a true testament to the level of internet marketer he is.

simply… Don’t beat around the bush. Just get the course.

Michael, thanks for making this available. I know I’ll be wearing out my
copy, and I’m sure my business will be better because of it.

Here To Get More Buyers

Much Did You Make From Your Last Promo?”

Keith WellmanYourBreakthroughWealth.com

always thanks for promoting for us. It’s always a pleasure.

have to admit, though, I’ve never seen a performance quite like yours. The power
of your list continues to amaze me.

can sure remember when making over 21 sales in a day would’ve made me feel on
top of the world. But you seem to do it all the time, without even breathing heavy.

anybody considering Get More Buyers, I would just say this…

know you’ve seen other list-building products before. I made a big splash with
one, you might remember (ListFX). But let me tell you, I’ve
never seen anything as practical and fast as Michael’s new course.

talking falling-off-a-log simple. But also powerful. Easy doesn’t mean you’ll
get bad results. Quite the contrary, if you do what Michael tells you to do, you
might pass out for joy when you get your affiliate check in the mail.

because Michael spent some time writing down how he’s built his own profit-pulling
list. It lets him blow away affiliate competition, vault to the top of the leader
board of almost every JV contest he’s in, and live the life he wants.

good? Then pick up your copy of Get More Buyers and read it!

read it. I’m using it. I’ll keep using it. So should you.

me get personal for just a second. When you sent out your last promo email, how
much money did you make? Was it five figures (I mean to the left of the decimal

If not, you need help, and Get
More Buyers is the help you need. Michael’s going to show you how
to start your list, how to grow it into a cash-pumping monster, and how to “feed”
it so it keeps feeding you.

Like I said, this
isn’t tired old stuff that doesn’t work anymore. It’s proven to work…and
Michael’s list is the living proof. His results are too.

Michael, thanks again for contributing to my success. It’s great to share the
wealth with somebody who does it right.

Here To Get More Buyers

Started Late…And Still Crushed Everybody!”

Michael CheneyGetIncomeSystem.com

you know, Automatic Income System sold out within a week. It was an onslaught.

just about floored me was how well you did. I was grateful you came on board for
the launch, but I thought that starting late was going to hamper you a little.
Good grief, was I wrong!

If what you did shows
what people can learn in your Get More Buyers video course, they would
be absolutely out of their minds not to grab their own copy as soon as it’s available.

you’re reading this, let me give you very quick rundown of what Michael did, even
after he got a late start…

He absolutely
crushed the competition and shot to the #1 spot on the leaderboard in a blink.
I mean, it was like he had a secret
formula and knew exactly which buttons to press.

don’t know about you, but a couple years ago when I was struggling and just about
to give up, I would just about have given my right arm to make 100 sales of anything
in four days. Frankly, I would’ve been happy with that many sales in an entire

Michael makes those kinds of
sales almost every time he promotes, at least if his reputation is any

that kind of profit change your life? It sure would have changed mine. And Michael’s
going to tell you how to see those numbers for yourself.

More Buyers video course shows you the detailed strategies he uses to rake
in the commissions when he sends out emails. And I mean detailed strategies.

said before that it was like he had a secret formula. Well, believe it. It’s in
his course. This isn’t untried junk that may or may not work. These are
the proven professional tactics Michael uses every time he promotes something.
The results are astounding. I’m still a little bit in shock.

I were you, I wouldn’t even think about it when Michael opens the doors on this,
and that’s not just because he’s a friend of mine. Do you want his results? Then
you need to know what he knows about profiting
with emails. The good news is that he’s finally willing to tell you…and
you should jump at the opportunity.

I can’t thank you enough for shocking me on my Automatic Income System
launch. Working with you is always a pleasure, and you prove it over and over
again. I wish you well with Get More Buyers, and feel free to tell people
I give it my strongest recommendation.

This System Pulled 27,832.00 In Affiliate Commissions In Just 4 Days!

Here To Get More Buyers

If you want results like the
ones I produced for those marketers, you need a buyer list that can help you get
there. That’s not really “magic”. It’s just good business.

I know lots of people are struggling to build their own lists. I get their emails
telling me they’ve hit a brick wall. They can’t seem to break through, and it
always seems like their efforts don’t pay off.

imagine, being able to duplicate my results painlessly and effortlessly.
It’s easier than you think, and I’m going to show you how to do it.

These Secrets Are So Good, Why Am I Willing To Share Them?

Up until now, I’ve kept
these buyer list building methods to myself, because I didn’t want to reveal my
secret for winning all those affiliate contests. But over the years, I’ve seen
my readers struggle to succeed online, and eventually give up in frustration.

In fact, most people who try to start an online
business end up quitting because they don’t get fast results. They read all these
stories about marketers being able to generate four and five figure paydays with
a single email, and they’re inspired to give it a shot themselves.

once they start building a small list of subscribers, they don’t make any money
from it. This is because they’re focusing
on building the wrong kind of email list. In order
to build a list that actually earns you a substantial income, you’ve got to pack
it with people who like to purchase products in their areas of interest.

years of watching this happen, and getting literally hundreds of emails from people
asking me to teach them my secret for making a ton of cash from my modest list.
That’s why I decided…

For The First Time Ever, I Am Revealing All My
Buyer List Building Strategies To The Public!

information has never been revealed to the general public before. I’ve only shared
a few of these secrets with my marketing inner circle, and they immediately
used these strategies to add another five or six figures to their annual income.

I have known Michael for a Long
Time. We own a site together and we have shared our secrets with each other for
years. When Michael shows me his stuff… I listen. Here is a recent result using
some of the things I learned from Michael over the years…

the kind of power you get when you have a mailing list that BUYS. Michael’s list
is one of the most responsive in the entire industry, and everybody I know would
kill to have his list…but it’s his.

not going to give you his list, but he IS going to show you how to build your
own! Really, when somebody who knows what he’s talking about offers to
tell you his “secrets”, it’s time to listen up. Here’s what I mean…

going to show you how to build your list of buyers even if you’re starting
from scratch without your own product!

he’s going to show you what I think is the most powerful tactic for turning
dead website real estate of some of the biggest Internet marketers into your own
profit machine…Michael taught me how to do this, and it’s still paying

But he’s also going to give you techniques
that he’s never revealed before. This is practical stuff you can apply in a day
(literally) and start seeing profit from easily within a week.

you’ve always wondered how folks like me rake in big paychecks by sending emails
to our lists, here’s how! The “secret” is having the list in the first
place. Michael’s going to show you how to get your own buyer list…fast.

Filsaime www.MikeFilsaime.com

Most of the “marketing gurus”
out there don’t want you to know these secrets. They’d rather keep you in the
dark by telling you “the money is in the list” and encourage you to build a list
of freebie seekers and offer you the same old rehashed and outdated material,
while they make enormous paydays from their buyer list.

I swore years ago that I would give back to the Internet marketing community which
has allowed me to work from home and support my wife and three daughters. That’s
why I’ve decided to pack all of my buyer list building strategies into one explosive
video course.

“The Step-By-Step How To Video Program
That Shows You Exactly How To Build A Red-Hot List Of Buyers That Will Purchase
Your Products, And The Products You Recommend To Them Through Affiliate Promotions
– Guaranteed!”

developed this system to help shortcut your learning curve and save you the years
of frustration and confusion that I went through while figuring out how to build
a profitable email list.

What You’ll Learn In This Amazing Video Course:

A sneaky little “sale” you can have that practically forces people to
act on your offer right away. Hint: it has to do with everyday pocket

All That From One Course?

Actually yes.
When you see how easy it is to start growing a buyer list and how your income
will increase with every new subscriber, you’ll be convinced. You see, creating
a responsive list of eager buyers is really easy once you know the secrets. And
creating a sizeable income online is also easy… once you know the

When you decide to focus
on adding buyers to your list, you’ll be amazed at how you can make more money
than your competitors who have lists ten times the size of yours. But don’t tell
them your secret. Just keep using these strategies, and you’ll enjoy the financial
freedom that comes with being able to write your own paycheck.

that’s exactly what the Get More Buyers program will teach
you how to do. You’re probably wondering what’s included with the program, so
let’s go over that now.

What You’ll Get In This Amazing Video Course:

Home Study Video Program that will reveal my ten best strategies for
growing a responsive list of people who are eager to purchase products in your
niche market!

Instructions that are easy enough for anyone to follow. Even if you’re
just getting started, these simple blueprints will have you up and running fast.

Examples of every strategy in the course (the examples help you understand
how to apply these strategies in the real world).

Sample Emails you can model for your own business. I’ve done most of
the copywriting work for you. Simply copy these emails, use them yourself, and
create an instant explosion of income!

At this point, you might be thinking…

“This Sounds Great Michael, But AreYou Sure
This Will Work For Me?”

and no. You see, there’s no way I can ethically promise you results, because I
have no idea if you’ll follow these steps to build your buyer list. I’ve made
it as easy as humanly possible for you by giving you a proven blueprint for success.
I’ve spelled out my top buyer list building secrets in this video program.

what I can promise you, though. If you’re willing to put in a little bit of time
and effort, and follow my step-by-step instructions, you too can build a profitable
email list just like the one I use every day to earn a high six figure income.

I’m going to make absolutely sure that you know how to build your own highly profitable
buyer list. Here’s what I mean…

Lots of courses
tell you what to do, but they don’t tell you how to do it. That leaves you twisting
in the wind, probably confused and usually terribly frustrated. It’s like you
can see where to go, but you don’t know how to get there.

won’t be the case here, because I’m including the best “how to” guide you’ve ever
seen. You’ll be able to translate what Get More Buyers
teaches you into immediate action plans for the strategies you’ll learn about.

Here’s a taste of what’s inside the Get More Buyers Battle Plan:

get a step-by-step action plan for each of the Get More Buyers strategies.
That’s 10 complete action plans you can put to work immediately, and start seeing
profitable results fast.

illustrated instructions for each plan. Don’t think I’ll expect you to
connect the dots yourself. I’ll lay out exactly how to do everything. You’ll need
to use your judgment to apply the tactics to your own business, but you won’t
be going it alone.

instructions that go beyond the core Get More Buyers course. I
simply couldn’t include everything in the main course, or I would have risked
distracting people from learning the basics. But in the Battle Plan, I give you
everything. I won’t claim this is the only online marketing education you’ll
ever need, but I will say it’s comprehensive.

in plain English. Even if you
consider yourself a complete “newbie” at online marketing, you won’t be left behind.
I’ve developed a bit of a reputation for explaining complex things in a way just
about anybody can understand, and I do the same in the Battle Plan.

other words, the Get More Buyers course tells you what you need to do,
and the Get More Buyers Battle Plan shows you exactly how, without leaving
you to imagine what to do. Isn’t that what you’ve really needed all this time?

course and Battle Plan can’t do all the work for you, but if you’re willing to
follow my guidance and do what I suggest, you’ll see your buyer list start to
grow very rapidly, and your income will grow right along with it. In fact, check
out these results that a few of my readers have gotten:

Opt-Ins In Less Than 1 Week”

Brian McElroyInstantForumProfits.com

was just after reading about one of the strategies in Get More Buyers that I set
up a small “experiment.”

What’s really
cool about this is that it was easy to do. When I say I set up a small experiment,
that’s what I mean. I used one of your Get More Buyers strategies and had
it all set up in a couple days. I couldn’t believe how easy it was…I’d
say how obvious it was, but I really hadn’t ever thought about doing this before.

Michael’s tactics are almost like being able to reach into his bank account and
steal money! He’s telling you what he does in his own business…and it WORKS.
My little experiment proves it.

If you’re wondering
if Get More Buyers is for you, it most definitely is. You get 10 complete strategies
in the course, and you’ll understand them all. You’ll want to watch the videos
more than once, so you can catch all the profitable nuggets in there, but you
don’t have to be a genius to make this work.

advice is GOLD Michael- I can’t wait to roll this out full force!

Here To Get More Buyers

Over 300% Better”

Richard LeggTrafficUncut.com

just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your Get More Buyers course. I’m
a real “step-by-step” kind of person so was impressed to see how well
your videos laid everything out in a really easy to follow manner. Both the audio
and video production are top quality too.

methods you outline are all very effective low-cost (or even no-cost!) ways of
getting more buyers on to your list, and the best part is that many of them build
your list from other people’s efforts!

heard the saying “the money’s in the list” but that’s not the whole
truth. I have a list of buyers that I built using just some of the techniques
you’ve revealed, anda recent promo converted
over 300% better than to a regular “freebie” list!

the money is in the list of BUYERS. Your course is a perfect example of
how to build that list and more importantly, build a relationship with them so
they buy from you over and over again.

To anyone
reading this, you might not know Michael. If you don’t, let me tell you that he
has a knack for explaining things in a way that just about anybody can understand.
You’ll be able to follow every single Get More Buyers strategy. There’s
no confusion here. I’ve never seen a more helpful course about how to
build your own buyer list.

forget wondering whether or not you should buy this…just get it. It
will be a great investment.

Here To Get More Buyers

Chris FrevilleAutomatedListBuilder.com

I can’t believe you’re giving away all your best secrets! I’ve always known you’ve
got to have a large list in order to be successful online, but what you’ve shown
me in your videos has simply blown me away!

watching your videos I’ve implemented as many of the strategies as I’ve been able
to. All I can say is, “WOW!” What a difference it makes.

anyone reading this, you must get your hands on Michael’s course.
It’s all about your business success. Based on just my own experience, I’ll go
out on a limb and say a proven buyer on your list is worth at least 10 times what
a normal prospect is. I’ll give you a simple example…

all of the buyers on my list bought stuff from me…but a whole lot of them buy
stuff when I recommend it, whether it’s my own product or somebody else’s. And
here’s something else important.

I used a few
of Michael’s techniques—the ones I knew about. But he’s uncorking the bottle
here and pouring it all out. He’s going to tell you how to ethically “steal”
another marketer’s customers, how to boost the profit of every sale you
make at your own site, how to insert yourself into somebody else’s product and
attract buyers like a feeding frenzy…

if I had had Michael’s course a couple years ago, I would have saved myself months
of painful trial and error learning. He boils it all down to simple things anybody
can do. Thanks Michael, I owe you BIG time.

Here To Get More Buyers

It Up In 24 Hours!”

Fabian TanMurderYourJob.com

Great work! Just tried out one of your strategies and set up one of them within
24 hours. That’s amazing enough, especially for people who have been struggling
to get their online business off the ground.

I have to tell you, the results just about knocked me unconscious.

could tell after I wached your videos that this stuff was good. And I was absolutely
confident that the “new” strategy I tried (new to me, but obviously
not new to a pro like you) would work. I have to admit, though, I was a little
shocked when I…

Anyone reading this
should know that I don’t get behind something that doesn’t work. My reputation’s
on the line, and I don’t want to trash it on a junky product. That’s why I’m so
excited about Get More Buyers.

course is absolutely top of the line. I’ve seen it and more importantly, I’ve
used it, and I know without even a shadow of a doubt that it works better
than advertised. You have to put in some effort, but it took me one measly
day to implement one of these strategies. How’s that sound?!

you buy only one product to help your online business in the next year, it should
be Michael’s Get More Buyer’s course. It lays out exactly what
you should do, complete with specific examples. You don’t have to guess, or connect
the dots yourself (I hate that, don’t you?) Literally anybody can apply Michael’s
tactics within hours of watching the videos.

stuff is always great, Michael, and Get More Buyers is no exception. Well

Here To Get More Buyers

Calvin WoonIMBuzzSoftware.com

You have certainly over-delivered on this! List building has always been a integral
part of Internet marketing. But more importantly, building a list of hungry buyers
is even more crucial. And Get More Buyers simply nails this topic to the

The techniques you’ve laid out are honestly
effective and I know first-hand that they really work as I’ve
personally used a couple of them to build a list of over 20,000 members

Here’s the thing…are you stuck at one of
the common sticking points of Internet marketing? Most people get hung up at one
time or another. Well, Michael’s course shows you how to get unstuck!

course is about how to build a buyer list, and it does the best job of showing
you how to do that of any course I’ve ever seen. But it does more…

example, don’t have your own product yet? Michael shows you the fast way
to get your own product, and use it in multiple ways to pack your list with buyers…even
if you don’t sell your product directly. I’m serious, this ONE part of the course
could get so many people out of a rut that it’s not even funny.

that’s just one part of the course. As I watched the 10 strategies unfold before
my eyes, I couldn’t believe how easy it all is. This is Michael jacking
you into his head and giving you a brain dump so you can start seeing his level
of results.

I highly recommend Get
More Buyers to anyone who is interested to build a proven buyers list and
more importantly, create a business that lasts.

Here To Get More Buyers

This Sounds Great, Michael! How Much Does It Cost?”

How much? It’s actually
really inexpensive when you consider what you’re getting here. I’ve literally
spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars perfecting these methods, and
putting them all in one easy-to-follow video program for you.

probably could figure these things out on your own, but only if you’re willing
to invest years of your life and a lot of money to do so. I learned these strategies
the hard way, through trial and error, but you don’t have to. This program will
literally shave years off your learning curve, and have you building the kind
of email list that can make you financially free for life.

Isn’t your financial future worth investing
this small amount? I’ve made this course inexpensive enough so that anyone who
is serious about making money online can afford it.

to make things even better, I’m going to let you try the entire course risk free!
I’m so confident that Get More Buyers will work for you,
that I’ve put ALL of the risk in my hands with my…

Michael, I’m Convinced. I Want This Course!
What Do I Do Now?”

easy to order. All you need to do is click the link below, which will take
you to the order page, and then you just enter your information in. The whole
process only takes a minute or two. As soon as you place your order, you’ll immediately
be taken to a secret page where you watch the Get More Buyers
video course right away.

There is no shipping
and handling, because it’s an electronic course. That means you won’t have to
wait in order to begin using these strategies in your business. You can be on
your way to success in just a few minutes.

ahead and click the order link below, and see what all the fuss is about. You’ll
get instant access to the entire course, and the bonuses… even if it’s 3 in
the morning.

I’m ready to learn your
secret methods for packing my list full of hungry buyers!

understand that I will be able to download the entire video home study course
immediately after I order. Everything is instant, so I don’t have to wait at all!

understand that I will also get a 60 day risk free trial.


payment – Absolutely No Rebilling!

– Go ahead and place
your order right now. There’s no risk, no reason at all not to
jump on this offer. Don’t let this chance to finally learn how to build a profitable
email list pass you by. You’ll get instant access to the entire Get
More Buyers video course within minutes of ordering. Click
here to start right now!

– Remember, nothing will change until you take action. If you want to
increase your income, you’ve got to do something different than what you’ve been
doing all this time. The strategies in this course are THE reason I earn a high
six figure income today, and they can help you do the same. Go
ahead and grab your copy right now.

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