We’re facing potentially the year’s best game of football

Saturday, March 16, 2019 – 12:00 AM

What do I think when is I see a club fixture that involves Corofin and Dr Crokes? I see teams that believe. Team who sets out to reach the summit every year. Full of enthusiasts who just want to play football. Goalkeeper who can find his outfield player with a chipped pass or an arrowed pass through a throng of opposing intercepters. Goalkeepers who passes rather than kicks.

I see a defence which thrives on attacking football and who relishes the challenge of curtailing the opposing attackers. Defenders who can tackle on an individual and collective basis in equal measure. Conceding less than five scoreable frees to the opposition is their mantra. They are an outlet for their kick-out. They are an outlet for their midfielders and having a small number on their back doesn’t deter or unnerve them when the opportunity to score presents itself. They understand the importance of transferring the ball quickly to their forwards. Quick ball, I meant to say. Rapid ball.

More importantly, the inside forwards are already playing ‘cat and mouse’ with their marker, even when the ball is over 70 metres away. A quick point of a finger and the ball is delivered confidently into a pocket of space that the forward has somehow carved out. Then we get our first glimpse of attackers who think and revolve at the same speed. Synchronised attackers in full flow. One forward makes space. Two more make decoy runs. The forward in possession, given the absolute trust by his team-mates that he will make the right choice and that he won’t be left isolated.

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