Discover the Many Benefits of Chlorella – Nature’s Superfood

Chlorella is one of the most scientifically researched foods in
history. However, it’s illegally that you have heard of this
superfood? It is not highly marketed by big businesses because
the profit margins are low. However, chlorella is one of nature’s
finest foods, providing you with a rich variety of amino acids
(protein), enzymes, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. In
fact, chlorella is thought to contain every nutrient required by
the human body.

Here is a partial list of the ingredients found in chlorella:

– High-quality complete protein

– All the known B vitamins

– Vitamin C

– Vitamin E

– Beta-carotene

– Macrominerals: including calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium
and many more

– trace minerals

– Mucopolysaccharides

– Omega-3 fatty acids including GLA

– Nucleic Acids (RNA and DNA)

– Chlorophyll

Unfortunately, this superfood is filled with nutritional benefits
that most doctors will never tell you about.

However, do not let that detract you from the many health benefits.

* Relieves arthritis pain

* Powerful blood cleanse

* Liver cleanser

* Anti-cancer agent

* Stronghtens the immune system

* Improves your digestive system and decrees constipation.

* Allows you to focus more clearly and for a longer duration.

* Helps eliminate bad breath.

* Balances your body’s pH.

* Helps remove the heavy metals and other pesticides that are
continuously invading your body.

One of chlorella’s greatest health benefits is in its ability to
neutralize or remove poisonous substances from the body. A number
of research projects in the US and Europe have shown that
chlorella can aid the body in the breakdown of hydrocarbon and
metallic toxins such as DDT, PCB, mercury, cadmium and lead.

This detoxification process takes 3-6 months to build up to the
point where the body can begin eliminating the years of harmful
substances in your body.

However the health benefits do not stop there. One of chlorella’s
main components is chlorophyll. In fact, chlorella contains more
chlorophly per gram than any other plant. This chlorophyl is one
of the greatest sources for cleaning the bowel and other
elimination systems, such as the liver and the blood.

Because of this high chlorphyll content, people find that chronic
bad breath is often eliminated in just a few days on chlorella.

Chlorella also helps balance your body’s pH. Your body’s ideal pH
is about 7.2 – 7.4. Unfortunately, America’s poor diet of junk
food, fast food, overcooked, processed foods, and soft drinks
have produced a generation of people who are severely imbalanced.

The foods mentioned above are several thousand times more acidic
than our bodies. This is a serious point because most diseases
begin their life and thrive in an acidic environment and do not
live well in an alkaline environment.

Cancer is one of the many diseases that thrives in an acidic
environment. Cancer rates have risen steadily and it is now to
the point that fully one third of all people in the US will get
cancer in their lifetime!

The rise in these numbers coincides with the rise of fast food,
junk food, and processed foods. Eliminating these toxic foods
with whole foods like chlorella will help to virtually eliminate
your risk of developing cancer in the future.

How Much Chlorella Should You Take:

Many people take way too little chlorella to be effective.
Remember, this is a food, not a drug. If you really want this
superfood to be effective, you must take large quantities. It is
recommended that you take at least 5 grams at each meal.

Take your health to a new level with the many benefits of chlorealla.