Things I learned reading the novel of Revenge of the Sith

And so it was that I discovered a number of issues.

Anakin only has eyes for SidiusRevenge refers to not solely the lengthy historical past of the Sith, nevertheless it additionally refers to Anakin’s revenge – for being a slave and for his mom as when you consider it, he’s a Sith.

Dooku had huge plans to reform issues for the larger good however did not understand he was solely the faux apprentice to Darth Sidious til the very finish.


C3PO’s reminiscence was ordered to be wiped as he recommended in entrance of Bail Organa he would inform Padme’s youngsters about their mother and father sooner or later. This was not within the movie so far as I recall – so it form of explains why the motion was taken – nonetheless it does not clarify why R2D2 did not actually say a lot about his experiences to Luke!

I had thought the duel between Sidous and Yoda led to a little bit of a draw with Sidious taking the ethical victory.  The novel reveals in the course of the battle Yoda realised he had misplaced the battle earlier than he had even been born.

Which is form of amusing as Mace Windu really beat Sidious and had him until Anakin stepped in. Until Sidious was foxing however the ebook did not counsel that.  

The novel confirmed Obi-Wan was certainly a foul ass. However all of us knew that anyway.

Within the A New Hope movie, Obi-Wan discusses Vader’s being seduced by the darkish facet. In ROTS, the seduction is performed as an apparent sluggish construct. My tackle the novel is Anakin is extra tricked by a promise of saving Padme’s life. One can argue the toss however the ebook actually will get into Anakin’s feelings earlier on than the namesake movie, that means his seduction is extra plausible.

After all one should take these items with a grain of salt as Star Wars canon is the movies themselves (and the rest official because the launch of The Power Awakens), the rest is expanded universe stuff which on the finish of the day is ‘good to know’ issues and journey nevertheless it does not reduce it as stuff that is an immutable legislation of the franchise.

Typically talking the novel was fairly trustworthy to the movie, as you’ll anticipate. It gave some nice insights into how the Jedi’s perceived the Power as they went into battle and the like.

Things I learned reading the novel of Revenge of the Sith