Limerick councillors agree to poster ban in upcoming local elections

A group of Limerick councillors have signed up to a voluntary ban on posters for the next local elections.

Councillors in the Newcastle West Municipal District believe there is no need for ‘mugshots on poles’ in the elections next May.

Posters from the 2016 election

It is hoped that the rest of the Limerick council would introduce the ban, and then other local authorities would follow suit.

Deputy Mayor of Limerick City and County Council, Fianna Fáil’s Michael Collins, said it would also help the environment.

Mr Collins said: “The poster itself is made from what is known as ‘corriboard’, which is a plastic material and then the poster which is attached to the pole is attached normally by a plastic cable tie.

“These cable ties last for many years after, you’d probably see cable ties all around the country on poles 20 years after the event.”