Don’t Starve expansion Hamlet tells a curly new tale in early access

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Simply while you thought you’d explored each nook and cranny of Don’t Starve‘s nightmare otherworlds (plural), a brand new set of porcine issues current themselves. Hamlet, begining a fast spin by means of early entry in the present day, is one other growth for Klei’s survival motion RPG sandbox. This one takes Wilson and his sketchy friends to a brand new, much more civilised land. There’s a city run by aristocratic pigfolk, trap-laden ruins, the standard bundle of huge new boss monsters to tussle with and the looming risk of a coming Aporkalypse. The launch trailer is hamming it up under.

Up till now, Don’t Starve was largely about self-sufficiency and scraping collectively the assets you wanted from the land. With a city hub full of retailers, and homes inside you can purchase and reside in safely, this places a recent spin on the Don’t Starve formulation, letting gamers focus a bit extra on the dungeon-delving journey facet of issues, somewhat than the titular hunger avoidance. A number of the new creatures lurking within the jungle look fairly intimidating – spiders are unhealthy sufficient, however an enormous spider that’s additionally a gorilla is simply foolish. Additionally, is hippopotamoose I see within the trailer?

Whereas not formally flagged as early entry on Steam, Klei point out that the present model of Hamlet isn’t fairly finished, and can be formally in testing for one more month. They reckon that all the pieces needs to be all crackled up and able to serve by December sixth. Their official early entry discussion board can be found here. Accompanying this early entry launch is the return of The Forge event to multiplayer spinoff Don’t Starve Together. In it, six gamers crew up and throw down within the enviornment in opposition to swarms of monsters and the considerably much less civilised Grand Forge Boarrior.

Don’t Stave: Hamlet is out now on Steam for £5.19/€5.69/$6.99. Resulting from a twist of Steam bundle pricing (and me proudly owning all the pieces however Hamlet and Oxygen Not Included), the Klei Survival Bundle gave me Hamlet for a preposterous £zero.03 – sure, three literal pennies – on prime of Oxygen Not Included’s already-discounted £10.44 price ticket. Your mileage could fluctuate.

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